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Our vision is a world where all smallholder farmers and their families thrive in a sustainable way.


We partner with farmers like Nem Pheab and her husband Chum Dorn to help them diversify their crops and make additional income [read more...]



What does working with Project Alba mean for one farmer and her family?

Project Alba speaks to one of our partner farmers to find out how life has changed since she started working with our social enterprise.

Project Alba on The World Economic Forum on ASEAN 2017

This week Phnom Penh will play host to The World Economic Forum on ASEAN 2017 for the first time. Visitors made up of influential leaders from politics and business across the globe will focus on a number of topics including youth and technology.

Is Cambodia prepared for climate related drought?

Project Alba has the capacity, skills and ambition to reach even more farmers across Cambodia so that they don’t face such an uncertain future.

100 farmers Milestones

After rapid farmers acquisition, we have reached 100 farmers under management. New farmers are starting seedling production and we expect our production to reach about 25t monthly by the end of the year.

Environment and safe vegetables

Our practices such as crop rotation, use of organic matter, live barriers, and use of beneficial fungi and bacterias allow our farmers to improve their soil fertility over time and strongly reduce the need for chemicals, allowing us to bring healthy crops to consumers.
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