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We are a social startup company and our vision is to improve production of all small-scale farmers in developing countries by 2030, through an innovative business model.



Environment and safe vegetables

Our practices such as crop rotation, use of organic matter, live barriers, and use of beneficial fungi and bacterias allow our farmers to improve their soil fertility over time and strongly reduce the need for chemicals, allowing us to bring healthy crops to consumers.

Starting in a new region : Kampot

We need to mitigate our exposure to climate risk, especially droughts. With that in mind, we're starting in a new area, Kampot, nearby our initial area Takeo. We've got good reception from authorities and early meetings there.

Lesser known game plan for increasing income

Our approach to increasing income includes paying close attention to costs and to land occupation. For these reasons, we recently stopped one of our crop, bunching onion, because costs had soared.

Social Impact, update on Phan Khom

Compared to average income farmers working with Project Alba experience a 200% increase of income. For some farmers like Phan Khom that increased his land last year with his own investments, this paid off as he reached 2500$ of income.

El Nino, Climate Change and Ou Yoeurn

We are facing a strong drought due to El Niño. However our farmers are using that time to deepen their ponds and increase their water resources in order to be more ready for future harsh climatic events.
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