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Project Alba took part  in a conference on Social Entrepreneurship at the Ecole Centrale Paris.

logo_centrale_parisOn December 3rd 2010, Victor Combal-Weiss presented Project Alba during a conference at the Ecole Centrale Paris, the goal of which was for the students to discover Social Entrepreneurship. The opening of the session was made by Thierry Sibieude, a tenured professor of the ESSEC Business School's Social Entrepreneurship Chair. Thierry made a complete presentation of the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, its specificity compared to classic businesses, as well as the issues the sector is facing today. 

amphi_centrale_parisIt’s during the second phase of the session that Project Alba was presented. It was a roundtable animated by Thierry Sibieude and gathering three social entrepreneurs: Pierre Carpentier, Jean Millerat and Project Alba’s Victor Combal-Weiss.
  • Pierre Carpentier is the Investment Director of Investisseurs et Partenaires pour le Développement. It is a social investment fund, the purpose of which is to finance Microfinance Institutions as well as SMEs in Africa. Pierre also co-founded Pesinet, a social venture in Africa. Pesinet provides medical prevention services in villages at a price that can be afforded by the local population.
  • Jean Millerat is also a Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Wecena, a company that brings together Computing Services Companies volunteers and NGOs that are in need of computer science skills but do not have the means to afford them.

The discussion was very fulfilling and we noted a very positive survey from the students. A significant number of them is actually considering founding a social business. The number of those was three times higher than at the beginning of the session.