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Project Alba was at The Global Food Marketplace in 2010, where we were able to conclude our market study.



From October 17 to October 21 2010, the Global Food Marketplace took place at the Parc des Expositions in Paris. It was an international meeting for all those involved in the food industry and that gathered major players from over a hundred countries. A golden opportunity by Project Alba to confirm the market study that had been done so far and to look for potential buyers interested in Cambodian products. Our project leaders were present and ready to meet all exhibitors who could be a development vector for the project's activities in Cambodian villages and to understand the current situation of the food industry.


Good news for our Cambodian producers: all in all, it was very positive. The main lessons that were drawn are that there is a demand for the type of products we’ll offer, average for some but high for others. There is even huge potential in the launch of some of them. We also realized that we offer products with differentiating axes very looked after: Cambodian production, organic farming and fair trade. Many characteristics for which demand won't decrease.

In other words, a very positive ending. A special thanks to Hadj Khelil for his advice and support during the exhibit.