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Project Alba exported itself to Eastern Europe and is studying the Polish market.

wawa_vieille_villeTo pursue the market study our project leaders are currently carrying on, Victor Combal-Weiss went to Poland to meet a few local players in the distribution and food processing industries. 

Project Alba was very well received. Our contacts were very approachable, very open to discussion and allowed us to quickly have a very good preview of Poland's situation and the issues the food industry is facing. Retail, specialized distribution, institutions specialized in export help, French services, food processors, fair trade. As many fields as fruitful meetings.

warsaw_centerThe conclusions of the study were all as exciting. Like Poland's economic situation, the food market is strongly growing, and more particularly in our sector. We noted a high demand for products such as the ones the Cambodian villages can offer. Good business conditions, high and lasting growth, an increasing part of the population that demands high quality products: Poland seems to have lots of interests in doing business with Project Alba.

A special thanks to Anna Komerska and her family for their help in the international implementation of Project Alba!