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The first public presentation of Project Alba was made during a get-together debate organized by Coherence.

cafe_francois_coppeeFor the first time ever, Project Alba was revealed to the public. On June 29, 2010, at the café François Coppée, Victor Combal-Weiss and Guillaume Virag presented their initiative. It was during a "Get-together Debate" organized by the organization Coherence on the theme "Around Cambodia".

Coherence is a non-profit organization that promotes the implementation of sustainable development projects in francophone coutries by providing technical and financial support to entrepreneurs settled locally and anxious about helping those in need. To serve this purpose, Coherence is looking for funding, in particular by organizing seminars, roundtables and debates that gather people from different horizons around a number of themes.

Our two project leaders thus chose to drive their audience through a trip, an adventure. The adventure of their project. In the shape of a journey away from their parisian café, the audience had the opportunity to discover the situation in Cambodia, the life of khmer peasants, and the solution that Project Alba suggests in order to help improve their standard of living.

The debates with the public were very rich and it seems that this event was to them a journey far away from the world they know. All the Project Alba team wishes to thank warmly Stephen Johnston, president of the Coherence organization, for this fruitful meeting.