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Akbota Makulbekova joined Project Alba last month as our brand new R&D Service Developer. We meet up to find out her first impressions of our fast growing social enterprise.

Why did you join Project Alba?

As an agronomist I know that the agriculture is dependent to many factors such as weather, soil and pests which make it quite a risky area to work in. I was attracted to Project Alba as they help smallholder farmers by managing this risk. By providing them with the tools, techniques and support farmers are able to adapt and make more money. Project Alba also gives a lot of opportunity for young and ambitious people like me to work with farmers. By motivating ambitious staff you can see the company is set for the future.

What are your expectations?

Well as I started my career not very long ago, I expect many things from Project Alba and from being part of an exciting and growing company. I expect to gain more practical experience of working in real conditions on farm lands, from adaptation, development of crops, technical challenges and pest control.

What are your initial thoughts about Project Alba?

Project Alba is a comparatively young organization with young and ambitious staff. It’s a place where you can feel free to raise your ideas and that they could very quickly be implemented. There isn’t hierarchy and everyone works together whether it is CEO, manager or field agent.

Tell us your hopes for small scale farmers?

I hope for them to have better field management since the area they work in is small. I hope them to not be afraid of big, but rewarding, workloads and to not be afraid to implement and integrate new crops and techniques. I hope them to have a lot of patience.

If you are interested in working with Project Alba please drop us an email

Lowery Michelle, 17th May 2018