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Project Alba is an ambitious social enterprise and we are determined to bring new, chemical free crops to market, particularly crops that are high value yet people have struggled grow in Cambodia - like tomatoes. In order to support our farmers and ensure we address and new issues we face in this challenging environment we are expanding the R&D team. Samnang (on the left of the picture) is the latest developer to join the team. He joins: Kate (in the middle), the R&D manager, Lyhen, the testing field manager and 3 staffs including Sathya (on the right of the picture) who is working with us as a developer for more than 4 months and is already one of the backbone of the company.

The developers are specialists in plant pathology, insects or soil fertility issues: challenges that many farmers can meet in the production of vegetables They work very closely with Project Alba’s field agents and farmers to educate them on how to overcome obstacles and improve their production. They have a key role in the efficiency of our system. Sathya, who has been working with Project Abla for just four months, works on integrating new crops to farmers fields such as as chili and tomatoes. In addition he is developing experiments about insect control. Samnang will focus on the soil problems and will effectuate soil tests. These different areas of focus ensures that all skill sets are utilised and that we are developing a complementary team.

Samnang knows that he will face some challenges as the difficulty of training new habits to farmers but he is enthusiastically willing to do it. After only two days working with us he was already giving ideas to improve the soil fertility. That shows how committed he is already and how quickly he can become a key element of our team.

Sathya and Samnang shared with us their feelings about working for Project Alba.

“Project Alba is a great step to achieve my ambition!”.

Samnang said how proud he was of working for a company that seeks to solve the same issues as him: improve the income of smallholder farmers in Cambodia. He sees Project Alba as a brilliant career path and great opportunity for him to eventually achieve his dream job of as professor in Agriculture.

“I am learning more and more”

Sathya, himself, wants to become a plant breeder in Cambodia to improve the crop variety. This is one of the reason why he loves his job: “Project Alba is an agriculture enterprise that will give me experience about this field, and earn more knowledge and strengthen my ability to work in agriculture sector.”. Sathya see this job as a “nice chance to develop [himself] and to see the reality on the farmers field”. And then when we asked about the disadvantages he said:

“And the disadvantages… i don’t know about the disadvantages!’, as he was laughing, “It is already a good opportunity for me to learn new things, work with new people and work with farmers as well. So I learn a lot about the working life. Before I was a student so I did not know anything, now I am learning more and more and improving myself”.

Samnang hopes for Cambodia to improve its agricultural system so the country can export more food and be recognised as a producer of quality products. He also hopes for Cambodian farmers to be able to make good sustainable income so they don’t have to emigrate to find work. He thinks that improving knowledge and skills in agriculture for all cambodian’s farmers is a key solution. And that is what he is going to do with Project Alba. Sathya has the same kind of hopes for Cambodian farmers, he hopes they have better knowledge and techniques on how to produce vegetables and to be able to manage it in a sustainable manner. He hopes that Cambodia becomes “a place where the majority of people have higher living standard [than nowadays], and have a sustainable salaries or profit.”

Sathya offered us a wise message on the importance of agriculture:

Marion Vieira, 24th January 2018