Project Alba - The top 5 tech trends we use to bring better<br/>food to Cambodia
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The digitalisation of agriculture is helping to deliver a better service to farmers and better food to market. At Project Alba we’re using tech in a multitude of ways to ensure good produce and more efficient production.

1. GPS technology

GPS allows us to track the routes that our vegetables are taking!

Our R&D services team is using GPS technology to improve logistics. Thanks to GPS, we can track and manage the transportation of our vegetables between farmers field and the collection centers where our vegetables are sorted. We then use this data to inform our schedules and routes. We get the maximum value in the minimal time and deliver the freshest vegetables to our collection centers and for our clients!

2. Geolocation of farmers

Geolocation means more traceability and strategic mapping of new areas!

At Project Alba we integrate the location of our farmers into a map system. This provides a better overview on all our farmers and as we scale we can easily capture the optimal number of farmers in each location. These geolocations are integrated in to our mobile application so that the location of the farmer field is traceable for all of our teams. Using geolocation technology at the farmers field has helped us to optimise our logistical routes and reduced our transportation costs.

3. Mobile apps

A real time app integrates data more quickly to our main system

Working in rural agriculture with smallholder farmers can often mean limited connectivity and a pen and paper approach to data collection. The implications are either limited data collection or a big impact on staff time as the field team manually enter data collected at field when they return to the office. Thanks to the IT team at Project Alba we have integrated mobile phone applications connected to the master systems. This is an easy and fast way to integrate data to our database on real time from the right from the farmers field.

4. Mobile apps equal more data

A real time app allows us to know more about our farmers

When we integrate a new farmer to our company the more data the better. The data we collect ranges from household income to gender behaviours such as who is carrying out the most work on the farm to the experience of the farmer. The application is a real asset as it that brings efficiency in our way to integrate new farmers - we are able to offer a personalised approach! Knowing our farmers better has led better decision making.

5. Service led mobile apps

Service led apps allow us to plan harvests and manage pests

Delivering quality vegetables adapted to market demand is what keeps our clients happy and our farmers working with us. In order to do this we need to ensure the quality of the crops and that we can deliver when they are needed. We can do this thanks to another two mobile apps that we use. We use an app to coordinate exactly when farmers should harvest and an app that helps our field agents assess any pest problems quickly and efficiently.

High technology is everywhere today, even for the food that we produce. Our start-up is dedicated to constantly growing with the evolving world of tech. We will never stop looking for the most suitable new technologies to help our farmers produce the best food available!

Lowery Michelle, 11th January 2018