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In the past 2 months, we’ve presented the partnership in villages in Kampot. The feedback was very positive with farmers welcoming new agricultural techniques and guaranteed markets.

We have now over 100 farmers who signed our partnerships from 25 3 months ago. In terms of household we are much in line with our typical farmers : about 0.5 ha of land on average with 0.1ha dedicated to vegetables.

We are now integrating everyone. Starting with us means you have to build a nursery, adapt your field to incoming drip irrigation and learn quite a few techniques early on, starting with seedling production.

In 2 to 3 months, we’ll see the first harvests of these newly joined farmers, which is going to be at least a threefold increase of production and thus sales. We’re planning to reach 25 tons of monthly production once everyone is fully active.

We are pausing now the acquisition of farmers to allow for a good integration of everyone. And since acquiring farmers in the middle of heavy rains and rice harvest is not feasible, we’ll resume farmers acquisition this December.

Guillaume Virag, 13th August 2016