We are Project Alba, a for-profit social enterprise working with low income farmers in developing countries. We have an innovative business model that is focused on achieving our mission to increase farmers’ income now and in the future.

We do this by:

  • Supporting them to invest in and adopt new technologies and practices that are respectful of the environment
  • Fulfilling market demand with fair conditions
  • Working with farmers to motivate them to change existing behaviour in order for them to adapt
  • Building their resilience to climate change
The situation
In developing countries, farmers almost all grow the same crop. In Cambodia, where we started, it’s rice. Farmers like Nem, in the picture, all grow it at the same time, in bad quality, with low productivity, and thus obtain low prices.

Conversely in local markets, other products such as vegetables are in high demand, often in supply shortages and very expensive. About 80% of vegetables consumed in Cambodia are imported and often come with high levels of chemicals. 80% of the population in Cambodia live in rural areas and 73% depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

The reasons
The reasons appear when looking at the challenges that Nem and other farmers face. They have to choose what to grow among many products with volatile prices. However they have no market information, no agricultural techniques and no capital to buy tools to grow other products.
Our model

Our model builds on contract farming with an innovative approach, proposing a partnership to farmers that will allow them to quickly increase their income while we generate profits. As in standard contract farming, we guarantee to buy the crops in advance from farmers while providing tools, inputs and advice at no upfront cost. We then resell the produce to regional wholesalers.

We innovate in three key elements;

  1. We introduce new crops and keep a flexible production adapted to market demand
  2. We offer personalised progress to farmers on a mass scale
  3. We disseminate the best value tech for small scale farmers
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